Monday 23rd April 2018

6 Months at Delicious Media

At our weekly breakfast meeting Steph announced that it has been 6 months since I officially started working here! Time has really flown!

Before working at DM my web development experience had been a handful of freelance projects, so it has been a welcome change to have people other than my dog to chat to during the working day. And, unlike Toast (my dog), Steph and Dave have heaps of knowledge and experience in the field of web development, which has been very helpful!

For previous projects, I had only touched on using WordPress every so often, and then not in any great depth. Working for an agency that specialises in the system has, unsurprisingly, resulted in a swift improvement in my skills in this area!

One of the best things about really getting to grips with WordPress is finding all the functionality that is already part of the system. ‘There’s a hook for that!’ is now music to my ears! I’ve found that this built in capability can really speed up development in some areas.

Another great thing about working at an agency that specialises in WordPress is the fact that we’re also part of the very welcoming WordPress scene. In fact, I first met Steph and Dave at a local WordPress MeetUp! After doing a lot of solo learning and freelance work it’s great to be connected to such a friendly, knowledgeable bunch.

We design and develop all kinds of great stuff using WordPress, WooCommerce & LearnDash.

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