Tuesday 8th June 2021

In the studio: Trending content functionality, WooCommerce video-on-demand and conference programme.

Our team are still working remotely, and for the time being we’re still holding all client meetings virtually, either by phone or via Zoom. We’ve also been trying to replace email conversations with quick Zoom calls where possible; it’s saved us and our clients a lot of time – especially when we are working alongside a client’s internal development team.

Here are a few of the projects we’ve been working on recently:

  • Developed a custom “popular content” ranking system for WordPress content. It was developed for use on a client project but designed to be flexible and used on future projects – it’s something we’re often asked for, and off-the-shelf solutions don’t always meet the requirements. In the case, the customer needed “trending” type functionality based on various actions (visits to a page, if they were a new visitor, actions taken on page).
  • A bespoke WordPress plugin to allow a customer to add a video-on-demand store to their site. The customer already had hundreds of videos from conferences and seminars, but needed to make these available on a pay-per-video or subscription basis. Our solution piggy-backs onto their existing WooCommerce store, and allows them to upload their video content (which is several hundred gigabytes) to Amazon S3 compatible object storage giving them cheap storage and the ability to secure the content using signed URLs.
  • Extended a customer’s site to allow them to sell tickets for physical, virtual and hybrid events – with integrations to their online conference platform to automatically enrol attendees.
  • Worked alongside one of our graphic design partners to produce a multilingual WordPress site for a client running an environmental project twinned with a similar project in France.
  • Developed a custom Gutenberg block to display a conference schedule for a multi-day, multi-track event. The block allows the customer to add new locations, days and programme entries as required; and presents them in an easy to browse, filterable format on the frontend of the site.
  • Extended Yoast’s schema.org implementation to add the LegalService schema markup to the service pages of a solicitors website.
  • Added a custom implementation of AddSearch to a customer’s WordPress powered site; providing site visitors with a powerful, instant search across the site and our client with the ability to prioritise and fine-tune results. We also developed a custom Gutenberg block to allow the client to add a search box anywhere on the site.
  • Built a custom WordPress plugin to enable integration between WooCommerce and Infusionsoft CRM for a client who offers online training. The customer has an existing solution for delivery of the training sessions based on the tags assigned to the customer in their CRM, but had outgrown their process for assigning the tags during their checkout process. As their training is delivered as live webinars, they also needed to prevent people from booking over-lapping sessions. We inserted a custom form into the WooCommerce checkout process which constrained customers to selecting non-conflicting sessions, and limited the number they could select based on the package they had purchased. When the customer places an order, we then create or find their existing record in the CRM and apply the tags which correspond to the session. This saved the customer several days of work per-event, eliminated clashing sessions and improved the checkout experience.

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