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WordPress Multisite allows you to run multiple websites from a single instance of WordPress. This brings the benefit that you can easily share code, users and data between the sites whilst retaining the advantages of individual WordPress sites. It’s a great solution for businesses that need a network of related sites, WooCommerce stores, e-Learning systems and even SaaS products built on top of WordPress.

Just like WordPress itself; the built-in multisite functionality is designed to be modified and extended by developers. This allows us to custom build solutions based around your exact requirements. We can help with both new builds and migrations / replatforming to WordPress.

WordPress Multisite use-cases

  • Creating linked sites for separate brands, products, events, branches/locations or campaigns.
  • Building networks of related sites which share common functionality.
  • Running multiple related e-Commerce stores powered by WooCommerce.
  • Developing WordPress powered SaaS products where each site is an instance of your application.
  • Networks of multilingual WordPress sites, where you need a significantly different structure to each site, which makes translation plugins less useful.
  • Allowing your users to create their own sites – e.g. organisations who want internal (or external) blog networks.
  • Building multiple LearnDash powered learning management systems, with common functionality and combined reporting.

Advantages of WordPress multisite

  • Simplifies management of multiple connected WordPress sites.
  • Run multiple sites which share a common code base, simplifying maintenance.
  • Easily share content across sites, or bring in shared content from a central site.
  • Shared users across all sites, which is easier to manage and allows your users to login to multiple sites with a single user account.
  • Easily roll out new sites by duplicating existing ones.

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Frequently asked questions about WordPress multisite.

What is WordPress multisite?

WordPress multisite is a piece of functionality built into WordPress that allows the creation of multiple, connected WordPress sites from a single installation of WordPress.

Do all the websites on WordPress multisite need to look the same?

No, every site in a multisite network can have a different WordPress theme if needed. It’s also possible to make use of child themes, or custom functionality to create a network of sites which share a common structure but have differing branding.

Is WordPress multisite a good solution for multi-tenanted learning management systems with LearnDash?

Yes, although it’s not the only approach it is suitable in some cases – particularly where you need to heavily customise the functionality per tenant. We’re happy to explain the various options and the pros/cons of each.

Does WordPress multisite need special hosting?

Not from a technical perspective, but some commercial hosts do impose restrictions. Realistically, if you are running a custom built solution you should either be hosting on a managed server/VPS or hosting designed specifically for WordPress which supports multisite.

Does WooCommerce work with WordPress multisite?

Yes it does; you can operate a network of WooCommerce stores using WordPress multisite which work independently from each other. You can also view network-wide sales statistics in the dashboard.

How well does WordPress multisite scale? How many sites does it support?

Just like WordPress itself, multisite scales well – you can create networks of hundreds of thousands of sites.

Can you convert a regular WordPress site into a WordPress multisite network?

Yes, you can do this at any point – but depending on the use case it may make more sense to start a new multisite network and import the existing site.

Is it possible to import an existing site into a multisite network?

Yes, this is possible – there are several tools which enable this.

Is it possible to extract sites from WordPress multisite and make them into standalone sites?

Yes, this is possible too – it is generally best to do this with a tool such as the WP-CLI package, MU-Migration but it’s also possible to manually extract a site if you are comfortable modifying the database.

Do plugins work with WordPress multisite?

Yes, any well written plugin should work and can be activated/deactivated on individual sites – plugins can also be activated network-wide so they are available on all sites, in some cases they can also be configured globally.

I've worked with Delicious Media on several projects over the last few years (most recently in March 2021). They are very experienced in web design and development, have fantastic attention to detail and get the job done, however complex. They are responsive and the quality of work is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Delicious Media to others, and have done! Thanks Steph and Dave.

Heather Timm Avatar Heather Timm

We have worked with the guys at Delicious Media for many years now and they have been professional, responsive, knowledgeable and generally just easy to work with the whole time. Their Wordpress expertise is cutting-edge and the support they have given us as both a hosting provider and on 3rd party development is outstanding. Can't recommend them enough.

FR Jones and Son Avatar FR Jones and Son

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