Tuesday 31st January 2023

WordPress powered multi-event delegate directory, a meeting room booking system and tombstones.

We’ve had a very busy start to 2023 with lots of projects both large and small for existing clients. This month, we’ve been working on adding custom (and complex!) functionality for some clients alongside more straightforward design and layout tweaks for others…

Adding tombstones to a law firm client’s site

Nothing to do with novelty Halloween themes or probate – the term tombstones comes from awards or trophies often given to bankers and lawyers to commemorate big deals. They take their name from the format of print advert that was required to be taken out by financial institutions in the US, although a more fun explanation that is often given is that the awards often looked like tombstones.

Our client wanted to demonstrate their past experience and ability to deal with large accounts, so they asked us to build custom functionality for their WordPress website to allow them to add key account wins and funding secured for startup clients. These “tombstones” allow them to showcase accounts they have worked on and highlight the results they have achieved for their clients. These are shown on key service pages, adding credibility to the work they do.

Delegate directory/attendee list and appointment booking functionality

A client in the events sector has kept us busy in January with additional functionality being added to their delegate directories. These directories now work across multiple events so users can select the event they are attending and see a list and profiles of exhibitors and sponsors.

The delegate directory is built around BuddyPress – a popular plugin which provides a social layer on top of WordPress. The team had several challenges to overcome in allowing for both multiple instances of the “members” page on the same WordPress site with different members, and multiple instances of BuddyPress across a WordPress multi-site network.

In addition to the directories showing the event attendee lists, the client wanted to create additional functionality to the delegate directories to add value to sponsors and delegates alike by creating the facility to book appointments with the sponsors they wanted to speak to at the event. Sponsors can accept or decline meetings as appropriate and arrive at an event with a diary of prospect meetings, making more efficient use of their time (and budget) spent at the event.

The client is able to report on the number of meetings booked or declined by each sponsor and follow up as necessary.

Small tweaks to existing websites

We have many clients for whom we host and manage sites that were built many years ago (including some built by other developers). On an ad hoc basis, we step in to update their websites design or functionality. These are often small projects and mean the client can achieve what they need from their existing site without investing in a complete redesign. There were two clients we helped this month…

A client who runs holiday clubs and activity weeks for schools wanted to add a new section to one of their pages displaying opportunities. We created a new section for them to do this and made some style and layout changes to their blog.

An LMS client who provides consultancy services has had a new section added to their website for case studies so they can demonstrate the type of projects they undertake and the clients they’ve worked with. We added drag and drop functionality to this section so they can add testimonials and change the layout of each case study, giving them more flexibility in the appearance.

WordPress Leeds Meetup

January saw our first online meetup of 2023 which was a great success with lots of discussion around WordPress (of course!), but also meeting up in-person for the first time in 3 years! Our online events have opened up the meetings to WordPress developers from further afield and given us the opportunity to virtually meet lots of new faces, but we feel now is the time to be in the same room as each other again. Our next meeting is scheduled online, but keep an eye on the Meetup page for updates on future meetings.

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