LearnDash Developers – We build bespoke Learning Management Systems and custom extensions for LearnDash.

Our team of UK based LearnDash developers work with training providers and in-house training teams globally, building LearnDash customisations to provide bespoke functionality and integrate with external systems.

From building new LearnDash powered Learning Management Systems from scratch, through to maintaining and enhancing existing ones – we can take care of the technical implementation and let you focus on delivering engaging courses and training.

Below are some examples of LearnDash custom development work we have undertaken for clients:

  • Custom dashboards & roles – We have extended the LearnDash roles to create additional profiles for line managers, compliance profiles and others. Each user sees a customised dashboard based on their role, and what permissions they have.
  • Bespoke enrolment requirements We have developed multiple enrolment processes to sign up learners to LearnDash courses. We’ve had learners enrolled via bespoke registration forms customise the course requirements based on supplied information.
  • Multi-tenancy – Clients frequently ask us to build multi-tenanted e-learning systems on LearnDash, from training companies with multiple clients to businesses with multiple business units. We’ve built custom functionality which allows for hierarchical multi-tenancy, allowing each organisation their own private e-Learning environment whilst giving the client a single place to manage content and view overall statistics.
  • Complex surveys & quizzes – To accompany e-learning material, we have created interactive quizzes for learner styles and skills scans, with immediate results and graphs available to learners. We’ve also created a tool to gather 360 feedback with minimal effort.
  • Events Management – We created an events management system which sits within the user dashboards. Learners can arrange meetings with teachers, and vice versa. Attendance registers can be completed, and reports created based on attendance records.
  • LearnDash Custom Question Types – We can extend LearnDash’s quizzes to add custom question types and custom question interfaces, without needing to use a content authoring tool such as H5P, Storyline or Articulate.
  • Custom Scoring – Extending LearnDash’s quizzing to built a completely bespoke scoring model which allows multiple attributes to be tracked per answer.
  • Custom tracking & reporting – We have created advanced reports such as Skills Gap Analysis reports and End Point Assessment reports which show an accurate representation of learner progress based on both e-learning delivered via LearnDash and in person attendance. As well as displaying on screen where they are are searchable and filterable they can be exported as Excel files, CSVs or PDFs.
  • Zoom API Integration – With client requirements to run a number of webinars, we created an integration with the Zoom API. Meetings are created while logged into the LMS, and sent to Zoom. Enrolments and cancellations are also managed without leaving the LMS dashboard.
  • LearnDash & WordPress Multisite – We have created multiple LMS’s in a single WordPress install using WordPress Multisite. This allows some common functionality across all systems, but different branding, courses and reporting on a per system basis.
  • Migrations to LearnDash – We’ve helped people switch from existing commercial, open-source and custom-built e-Learning systems to LearnDash.

If you have an idea for your LMS, our team of LearnDash developers can help you achieve it.

Ready to speak to our LearnDash developers about your LMS?

Give us a call on 0114 303 8181, or get in touch using the form and one of our team will get back to you.

What to expect from working with us:

We pride ourselves not only in the quality of work we do, but in the level of service and interest in your business we believe you can only get from a specialist agency.

You’ll always get:

  • Honest, expert advice in plain English.
  • Direct access to our friendly UK developers.
  • A guarantee on all work.
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Frequently asked questions about LearnDash.

Does LearnDash support SCORM content?

Yes, content that is created in third party software such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate can be added using a third party extension such as Tin Canny or GrassBlade. But the content created within LearnDash is not SCORM compliant.

How can you sell courses with LearnDash?

There are several approaches to selling LearnDash courses. Out of the box, you can sell courses individually or on a subscription basis. For training providers, we’ve also developed a flexible system to sell courses to clients based on a variety of models including credits based and number of seats.

How much does LearnDash cost?

LearnDash is licensed annually per-installation. There’s a single site license, or bulk buy options. This means there is no per-seat cost for each learner. So after your initial development investment, it can happily run steadily for years just applying the updates as and when they are released. You can view current LearnDash pricing here.

Why should I choose LearnDash over a SAAS solution?

This will come down to personal preference, but for a lot, the ownership is key. By using a self hosted LearnDash install, you own all the content and data stored within your LMS. It’s flexible and can be customised to meet your requirements – both for course delivery, and reporting.

Also, it is a fixed cost with the lack of per-seat licensing (see “How much does LearnDash Cost”).

Does LearnDash have an app?

There isn’t an official mobile app for LearnDash, but there are several great ways to deliver courses on mobiles/tablets – either using native apps, progressive web apps or just by having a great mobile experience.

Does LearnDash need WooCommerce to sell courses?

No. You can sell LearnDash courses without needing WooCommerce installed, although selling LearnDash courses via WooCommerce is more flexible. If you are selling LearnDash alongside other products or services it is usually better to sell the courses via WooCommerce so you can give your visitors a single basket/checkout.

Can I add LearnDash to my existing website?

Yes, if your website is built on WordPress you can add LearnDash to it. Sometimes there are good reasons not to – we’re happy to advise on this.

Does LearnDash need WordPress?

Yes, you need WordPress to run LearnDash.

What is LearnDash Hub?

LearnDash Hub is a separate plugin which is automatically installed and activated when users upgrade LearnDash to version (which was released on 4th August 2022). LearnDash Hub manages your licence for LearnDash and provides an easy way to install and update add-ons which are included with your license, along with LearnDash itself.

How well does LearnDash scale?

LearnDash scales very well – there is no effective limit as to how many courses or learners you can have as long as it is setup carefully and on suitable hosting. The most common cause of peformance problems with LearnDash sites is excessive or badly written third-party plugins or code.

Does LearnDash support H5P content?

It does! You can add engaging, interactive content to your LearnDash courses by embedding H5P content within your lessons. If you want to track progress through your H5P modules, you’ll also need a learning record store – we recommend GrassBlade LRS or Tin Canny which both integrate with LearnDash.

Is LearnDash suitable for a multi-tenant LMS?

Yes it is, but not “out of the box”. There are several approaches to delivering a multi-tenant learning management system using LearnDash, our team will be happy to talk you through the options.

Is it possible to add new question types to LearnDash.

Although not straightforward, it can be done. The most common solution is to develop a custom interface for an existing question type.

Delicious made my work website and one of the things we were promised is that it would stand the test of time. No matter what we needed to update it would be easy for us to do and that it would be flexible and grow with our business. The site has been brilliant easy to use with the training provided from the guys at DM... Highly recommended!

Neil Grimshaw Avatar Neil Grimshaw

We at Junction, Goole, have worked with Steph at Delicious Media for a complete redesign of our website at Junction and couldn't be happier with our experience. Delicious were on hand to answer any questions we had and were happy to make amendments to the project as we went along to make sure that we got the functionality we needed from the new site. The site looks fantastic, has an easy to use back-end, and critically, is really simple and intuitive to navigate for vistors. I would strongly recommend Delicious Media for their professional, friendly and helpful service.

Lauren Cowdery Avatar Lauren Cowdery

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