Wednesday 3rd August 2022

In the studio: Multi-lingual multisite, WordPress training, replatforming to LearnDash and SteelCon 2022

After taking a well-earned break at the end of June, we came back ready for a busy July with some interesting projects to really get our teeth into. We’ve always got a varied list of projects we’re working on and July was no different. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the Delicious Media studio…

Work in progress: Multisite, multi-lingual, online learning platform.

We are currently working on an exciting, large-scale LearnDash development project with an international training provider in the travel industry.
The challenge we’ve been set is to create an online learning platform for multiple courses that will be delivered in multiple languages.

This project is well underway with a multisite WordPress installation which will provide around 80 networked sites. These sites will be responsible for storing learner profiles as well as hosting each multi-lingual course.

This project has some interesting functionality, such as shared content that can be uploaded once by the client and then be displayed across multiple sites. Similarly, all the translations for each course will be managed in one place, streamlining the process and simplifying ongoing maintenance for the client.

Some of the functionality we’ve added this month has been a centralised notifications system so they can be seen and read across the entire network. Notifications are set up, given a reason (or trigger) and assigned a message to deliver along with who it’s going to and who it’s coming from. Notifications can also be translated here as well. The client will have full control over which sites receive notifications as they’ll be able to switch them on and off on a site-by-site basis.

Glowing feedback for our WordPress Training

We provided a bespoke WordPress training session to an existing client to whom we provide ad hoc support and development. They had recently hired a new team member who needed a helping hand to get to grips with updating their blog and finding their way around their WordPress website.

The session lasted an hour and was delivered via Zoom. Here’s what the client had to say after the session: “Thank you for your time yesterday, it was both insightful and engaging”.

If your team could benefit from our expert tuition, please get in touch.

Making the move from proprietary LMS to LearnDash

We’re also working on a project to transfer a client’s current online course catalogue and materials to LearnDash to make managing their courses easier to maintain and enable more future development. Replatforming to LearnDash offers significant benefits over the client’s existing proprietary LMS, including giving them flexible course delivery options, more powerful reporting “out of the box”.

First face-to-face conference in 2.5 years!

In July, our director, Dave, ventured out of the office to SteelCon 2022. The conference is primarily aimed at security professionals, and there were some excellent talks about everything from social engineering techniques to gain access to buildings to finding coding bugs in the internet connectivity of home fitness equipment that left the company’s server open to attack!

Closer to home, there were also great talks about the vulnerabilities of WordPress websites and how to identify common mistakes in the code that can leave sites at risk. Whilst we’re extremely security conscious when it comes to WordPress setup, we’re always looking for ways to tighten those loopholes to ensure the sites we build remain secure for our clients.

We design and develop all kinds of great stuff using WordPress, WooCommerce & LearnDash.

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