Friday 26th February 2021

In the studio: Custom WooCommerce discounts, comparison tool, custom LearnDash functionality.

Following on from our previous post, here’s what we’ve been working on in the studio in the last few months. The team enjoyed an extended, but different break over Christmas this year – but we hit the ground running with a couple of new projects starting alongside developing new functionality for some existing clients.

  • Built custom discount functionality for WooCommerce for a customer who needed to offer discounts to people both based on their company type (e.g. discount for non-profit organisations or small businesses) or individuals (e.g. students or individuals under a certain age).
    • Discounts are applied automatically without coupons and user is automatically given the best discount if they are eligible for multiple discounts.
    • The customer can build new sets of company-wide and individual discounts in the back end of their sites and apply them to one or more products.
    • Discounts can also restricted to certain product types (in this case the products are event tickets and the customer needed to restrict some discounts to virtual tickets and others to in-person tickets, based on another piece of custom WooCommerce functionality we developed for them).
    • When a customer selects a discount, additional conditions are shown and the price of the item is updated.
  • Started development of a product comparison tool for a financial services company in the US. This was developed on a tight deadline ahead of an online conference.
    • The tool allows potential customers to compare our client’s product to others based on the importance of various attributes.
    • When a visitor submits their ratings, we calculate the best match based on the visitors scoring and split into best/close/partial/poor matches.
    • The tool was integrated with SalesForce to allow the customer’s sales team to contact leads and follow up.
  • Built custom functionality for LearnDash LMS for a training provider who needed to deliver a group of courses under exam conditions:
    • Built a custom course timer for LearnDash that tracks time taken across the group of courses, allowing learners to split their time between them as they would like but with an overall limit. Leaners are locked-out when the time limit is reached.
    • Developed a bespoke marking system allowing accessors to assign marks across courses but report on them together.
    • Bespoke LearnDash reporting, allowing the training provider to report across courses.
  • Performance tweaks to a small business website preparing to re-open as lockdown eases.
  • Migrated a customer from a single WordPress site to WordPress multi-site, and split their theme into a parent/child architecture to allow them to build multiple new micro-sites with a similar look/feel but separate brands. This is something we’ve undertaken several times recently, both for customers diversifying due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and for planned growth.
  • Built a custom integration for WordPress and site-search provider AddSearch to build a bespoke site-search for a client’s site.

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