YH Training Services

We created a website for YH Training Service which was easy for them to manage internally.

YH Training had identified 3 core groups of visitors to their site and it was important that each group could easily find the area of the site which was relevant to them.

Working in a multidisciplinary team

We worked alongside a marketing consultant, graphic designer and photographer to provide web development for the YH Training website.

Easy to update

With regular content to add to the site, it was important that the team felt confident updating the website themselves.

Expiring content

Vacancies on the site are given an expiry date, and once that date has passed, these vacancies are updated to say applications are closed.

These vacancy pages are also updated for search engines, and no-indexed so they won’t appear in future search results.

Reusable content

We created ‘content types’ for common data such as employers, vacancies and testimonials.

By entering content once, and reusing across the site, this saves the team from entering data more than once, but it also reduces error.

The Client

YH Training Services are a family owned training provider and have centres across the north of England.

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