Interventions Consulting

Working with the team at Interventions Consulting we have designed and developed a WordPress multisite e-learning platform which delivers training to organisations and individuals across the world.

Interventions Consulting had a legacy PHP/Flash based system delivering their training programs. They approached us to redevelop their e-learning platforms using WordPress and the LearnDash LMS plugin.

We have worked in partnership with Interventions Consulting to create an interactive, vibrant platform which delivers their apprenticeship schemes, auditor and workplace training.

With advanced reporting, bespoke dashboards, interactive questionnaires and 360 reporting we have integrated all this extra functionality to work seamlessly alongside LearnDash.

WordPress multisite

We used WordPress Multisite to run multiple LearnDash LMS systems from a single install.

This allows some shared elements such as appearance and commonly used functionality, but data separation for companies using the system.

Zoom API

We have created an integration with the Zoom API which allows the users to create without leaving their LMS event planner page.

Webinars can be started, cancelled and edited without leaving the LMS.

Blended learning

Learners experience a blended learner journey with some content delivered in the workplace and others from within LearnDash.

Activities carried out in person are recorded within the e-learning platform and used for progress tracking.

Custom Surveys & Questionnaires

We have created interactive surveys such as learning styles, skills scans and a 360 feedback tool.

Each fits seamlessly alongside LearnDash e-learning, course progression and reporting.

Custom reporting and analysis

From summaries of learner progress, to a detailed breakdown of each activity carried out, questionnaires completed and assignment submitted. Across all the courses, there’s a range of custom reports with features such as sorting and filtering.

Document Store / File repository

The document store / file repository was created to allow companies, learners and teaching staff access to files, downloads and videos based on their access level.

The Client

Interventions Consulting are a training consultancy based in Leeds. Their online Learning Management Systems (LMS) deliver training to cohorts and individuals across the world.